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Behind the scenes at Consulting Clan

The Consulting Clan

Meet our Family

Gabriel König

Founder & CEO

Nico Battke

Founder & CMO

Marc Sparenberg

Senior SEO Consultant

Matteo Papini

Social Media Manager

Itay Siri

Senior Media Buyer

Felix Lindenauer


Steven Stuyven

Head Of Art Direction

Alexander Hahn

Business Development & Strategy

Svenja Op Gen Orth

Communications & Human Cultivation

Moritz Schleich

Entrepreneurship & Eventmarketing

We stop at nothing

Where there is a will, there is a way. We only see solutions, problems do not exists. Your challenges want to be solved. Quick insight into our philosophy .

We Love To Explore​

Every Day is Game Day! What we did yesterday to succeed today, is not enough to stay successful tomorrow. We always strive to see where we can improve ourselves.

We Take It Step-By-Step

It’s good to have a dream and big goals. To succeed, you need to go all the way, step by step. There are no shortcuts. It’s our job to keep your focus and find your path. 

We Keep It Simple

Even if it is complex, what you need is a simple, effective and understandable solution. It’s our job to simplify and get results, not to confuse and paralyze.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

When you team up with the Consulting Clan expect the hardest work ethic you can imagine. No one will outwork us. Be ready for purpose driven marketing and sales actions. Whatever we do, we’ll raise the bar and gain more value. We are driven to help people and businesses reaching their individual goals. Helping is our satisfaction. Happy You – Happy We.

Gabriel Koenig

Chief Executive Officer

Nico Battke

Chief Marketing Officer

Steven "Stoica" Struyven

Managing Member
Head of Art Direction

Timo Specht

Head of Organic Traffic

Alexander Hahn

Managing Member
Business Development | Human Cultivation | Strategy

Svenja Op Gen Orth

Managing Member
Communications | Human Cultivation

Moritz Schleich

Managing Member | Entrepreneurship & Eventmarketing

Alex Firsov

Head of Graphic Design

Mike Mühlberger

Head of Software Development

Ewald Steyn


Alex Triebel

Moving Images

Marc Sparenberg

SEO Consultant

Mona Joachimsen

PR Consultant

Marinus Flossmann

Social Media Consultant

Sebastian Dietrich

Advisor | Health and Performance

the consulting clan network

When working with the Consulting Clan, success isn’t left by chance anymore. We teamed up with the most successful agencies to offer brand activation, public relations and consumer engagement once needed for your business. Within our network, we provide the most sophisticated heads when it comes to marketing and building brands. We are proud of our 10+ years success history. We became a big family with the same mindset, values and work ethic. Within the Clan we combine forces, skills and network to deliver outstanding results and experiences as well as best possible workflow and quality to grow your business.

Software Technology -

Software resources are in constant demand within modern businesses due to the never ending need to be digital. SPACE44 specialises in supplying software developers and teams that instantly support businesses to grow when they need it most. Combining the drive of our multinational team with German efficiency and reliability to deliver the best technical standards.

Content Production -
Semicolon Digital Studio

With way over 850 Million views on clips we produced for our clients social media and youtube channels, we transformed our innovative creativity into numbers that matter in the overall marketing strategy of our clients.

Events -
Waves Germany

Gänsehaut, Begeisterung, Aufmerksamkeit und unvergessliche Momente – dafür ist das Team von WAVES bekannt. Ob Unternehmen, Marke oder Mensch: WAVES entwickelt Events, Ideen und Kommunikationskonzepte, die nachhaltig die Herzen erreichen. Woran das liegt? Wahrscheinlich, weil wir es immer verstehen mit unseren Kunden und Auftraggebern auf der gleichen Wellenlänge zu kommunizieren.

Public Relations -
Eloquenza PR

Kreativität ist das Blut, das durch unsere Adern fließt, Kommunikation und Marketing unsere Leidenschaft. Emotion und Funktion sind die Eckpfeiler unserer Konzepte, Vernetztes Denken unser zweiter Vorname. Das Ergebnis unserer Arbeit: der Erfolg für unsere Kunden.

Brand Activation -

Great events are created from know-how and genuine passion. That’s what we offer. From ideas and planning through to implementation, we guarantee outstanding quality and service. Benefit from our many years of experience, our international network and, above all, our dedication and commitment. We provide specialist services in the areas of transport, guest management and hospitality. With a core team of 25 permanent employees and over 350 freelancers, we are there for you, wherever you need us.

Health and Performance -
INEX - Health

INEX is our partner when it comes to coaching, consulting and educating people and businesses in precision performance. INEX' holistic health concept covers nutrition, sleep, stress, training and supplementation. With INEX by your side your personal and business performance will be boosted to the maximum.