Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

When you team up with the Consulting Clan expect hard work ethic, passion, creativity and a holistic approach. We are driven to help people and businesses reaching their individual goals. That’s why we won’t let any obstacles or failures outwork your business success.

Helping is our satisfaction. Happy You – Happy We.

The Consulting Clan

Meet Our Family


Gabriel König

Founder & CEO

Nico Battke

Founder & CMO

Marc Sparenberg

Senior SEO Consultant

Matteo Papini

Social Media Manager

Itay Siri

Senior Media Buyer

Felix Lindenauer


We Stop At Nothing

Where there is a will, there is a way. We only see solutions, problems do not exists. Your challenges want to be solved < quick insight into our minds >

We Love To Explore

Every Day is Game Day. What we did yesterday to succeed today, is not enough to stay successful tomorrow. We always strive to improve ourselves! < that’s your unfair advantage >

Take It Step-By-Step

Dream big with ambitious goals. But dreams without work are just dreams. Success demands all the way, step by step. < there are no shortcuts >  We ensure your focus.

We Keep It Simple

Even if it is complex, what you need is a simple, effective and understandable solution. It’s our job to simplify and get results, not to confuse and paralyze.