Ultimate List of Top 5 Free SEO Tools

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Marc Sparenberg

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Ultimate List Of 5 Free SEO Tools

Let’s be honest. 

SEO is expensive. Especially the tools you need for it. And from there we haven’t even thought about the agency costs. 

Luckily, we live in the age where website owners build free tools in exchange for website traffic, leads and up sells. Knowing where to find these can save you thousands. 

That’s why we want to give you some free SEO analysis tools we are also using every day.

Let’s get going:

1. Ubersuggest

One of the main topics in SEO is keyword research. 

But without a tool it is nearly impossible to get to know what’s necessary. The most important thing to understand what people you want to reach are looking for. 

For this we can recommend Neil Patels Ubersuggest. 

What it does: The site helps you find related keywords to your keyword and then use the keywords generated to generate more keyword ideas. 

Tool Type: Website 


2. Similar Web

Another important topic of SEO is the competitor analysis. 

Besides the fact that you should know who your competitors are, you should also know why they are performing better or worse than you. 

For this research we recommend the tool Similar Web. 

What it does: Gets a quick review of how your competitors get their traffic, their organic keywords, engagement traffics and more. 

Tool Type: Website 

Similar Web

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3. Screaming Frog

It is also important to know what the status quo of your website or your competitors website is. 

Screaming Frog helps you with this and gets a site crawl done in a short amount of time. 

What it does: Crawls any site to find all the pages on the site and helps with on page optimization. It also helps with creating a complete audit of your site. 

Tool Type: Desktop App 

Screaming Frog Spider 

4. Google Keyword Planner

For the already mentioned keyword research you can use the Google Keyword Planner to cross check the data that you have looked up already. 

Google also makes accurate statements about the CPC data. 

What it does: Identifies keywords searched on Google from the source itself. They have started to use ranges for keywords, but you could still benefit from CPC to find high profitable keywords that work for you competitors. 

Tool Type: Website 

Google Keyword Planner

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5. Yoast SEO Plugin

Also very important is the content that you are publishing for your audience. As a prerequisite for being found you should not forget to optimize your content SEO wise which sets the switches. 

There are many search engines out there and this plugin helps you optimizing for every search engine. 

What it does: The most widely used SEO WordPress plugin. It helps you optimize your post for search engines. 

Tool Type: Website 

Yoast SEO Plugin 

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